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Aquatics Remote Visit Offerings

Even though travel may be restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, aquatic safety remains as an important priority. That’s why Redwoods and H2O Safety Consulting have partnered to provide a suite of remote consulting options for our customers that can be tailored to your needs. Using remote access technology, including phone and tablet cameras and virtual meeting platforms, we can be “on deck” and with you and your staff to provide a diverse range of services and assessments. Below you will find a list of each of these offerings as well as examples of recent visits.

Operational Drills

A key to safety and accountability is regular testing of your lifeguards’ readiness and of your aquatic facility’s emergency action plan. Through our remote visits, we can accompany you on the pool deck and assist you in running high-level operational drills. We can also coach you and your staff on best practices for recognition, rescue and emergency response.

Lifeguard Zone Validation and Positioning Assessments 

Your lifeguards can only be effective if they are positioned well to see what you expect them to see. The best way to ensure proper positioning is to thoroughly test each zone of responsibility. We can help you set your guards up for success by performing an initial lifeguard zone evaluation to determine a baseline number and positions for your guards. Because visibility can change due to time of day, time of year, or even small changes in how your environment is set up, we will develop a plan together for you to regularly validate the zones and adapt to meet such changes. These are the first two steps toward empowering lifeguards to actively scan and respond in an emergency.

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring 

One of the most common findings of Redwoods drowning investigations is that when lifeguards fail to recognize or appropriately respond to an emergency, the failure can be traced back to a gap in organizational leadership and accountability within aquatics. Through a combination of virtual meetings, leadership curriculum and practical assignments, we can work with an individual or small group to provide a professional leadership program that is tailored specifically to aquatics and to your organization. This service is valuable for both seasoned and new managers and directors.

Request a Remote Visit 

If you are a customer of Redwoods and are interested in an aquatics remote visit, please fill out the form below and your consultant will be in touch.