Enter to Win a $2,500 Donation to Your Club

As Clubs and communities emerge from the pandemic, we know there is a lot of excitement about the important work that comes next. As a commercial insurance provider for Clubs, Redwoods has been talking about ways that we can directly support this work.

That’s why, for the 2021 BGCA National Conference, we are offering all Clubs the chance to win a $2,500 donation to your Club. You are free to use this in whatever way you see fit to support and scale your work. There will be two winners of $2,500 each. Please use the form below to enter your details.

We’d like to be your commercial insurance provider. That’s why are asking for your local broker and the date you buy insurance. With that information, we can reach out to your broker and offer you a quote.

All Clubs are eligible to win. Only one entry per Club will be accepted.