COVID-19, Vaccines and Recovery: Planning a Safe Return to Scale

As COVID-19 vaccines are rolled out across the country, Clubs will need to be prepared to ramp-up operations within the upcoming months as summer approaches. With that return comes challenges. Not only will you need to make plans for keeping youth and staff safe from COVID, but you will also need to retrain staff and members who may not be familiar with new protocols you have implemented, and work with those who may be facing other challenges or trauma related to quarantine experiences.

Below are some recommendations on what your teams can begin working on now to prepare: 

Sit down with your staff and discuss the following:

  • What worked really well over this time that we would want to continue to use in our operations? For example, many Clubs implemented a floater staff to help with extra tasks such as cleaning around the building, and having that extra person may have been helpful when there were behavioral issues. Would it make sense to continue with that position?
  • What didn’t work well over this time that we would want to avoid doing in a similar situation next time? For example, did you use more cleaning supplies than you budgeted for or are there ways to streamline communication to parents and guardians?
  • What did we used to do prior to the pandemic that we have not had time for recently? Whether it’s team building or trainings, how do we build those back into our routine—and what are the impacts of not doing them for a while?

Use these reflections to help guide you and your team as you plan for an increase in your ADA.

Hiring Staff
As ratios begin to come back to “normal”, your Club will need to be prepared to hire staff to adequately supervise. Below are a few things to consider:

  • What can your Club be doing now to build that pipeline?
  • Are there modifications you can make to programming if ratios are not back where you’d like them to be?
  • Have you maintained relationships with former staff or volunteers that you could draw from to fill in the gaps?
  • Can your board help with potential recruitment?
  • If your revenues have taken a hit, can you use hiring needs as a specific fundraising opportunity?

For more information on the multiple layers of protection your organization can implement when hiring staff, please visit our resource on this topic.

Training Staff
With an increase in ratios, and new staff, your Club will need to be prepared to train staff. Below are a few things to consider:

  • What will behavior management look like now that you won’t be able to give as much small group attention?
  • What challenges might members and staff have been through during the pandemic that need addressing?
  • Are all staff trained on all enhanced cleaning, hygiene and social distancing protocols for the period before herd immunity is reached?