Sample Recall Notice

Many states are beginning to re-open after they were on stay at home orders from COVID-19. When it is time for your organization to bring back furloughed employees, we have developed a sample recall notice that you can adapt to fit your state/jurisdictional requirements.

Recall Process
Please contact your state unemployment office for specific guidance in your state including requirements for employer to notify terminations to the state agency. There are jurisdictional requirements for recalling employees including specific language to be included; what constitutes adequate notification, proof of mailings, etc.

There are also federal and state unemployment tax implications for employers and possible unemployment take backs for the employee.

Questions to Ask

  • What are the guidelines and requirements for recalling furloughed employees?
  • What constitutes adequate notice of recall?
  • What are Employer requirements for documenting this process (proof of mailing, declinations to return to work, etc.)
  • What is the Employer’s responsibility to report terminations/failure to return to work?
  • What are the federal unemployment tax act implications (FUTA)?
  • What are the state unemployment tax act implications (SUTA)?

Download sample recall notice above.