Safe Communities Require a Safe Climate

Despite our name, Redwoods core mission has never been explicitly focused on the environment. Yet we cannot deliver on that mission unless we maintain an environment in which communities can safely flourish. And that means tackling the climate emergency head on. It also means doing so while addressing the issues of climate justice and environmental racism that have too often plagued Black, brown and low income communities.

In February of 2021, Redwoods joined with hundreds of other B Corps who—through the B Corp Climate Collective—are committed to reach Net Zero Emissions no later than 2030. We are establishing a roadmap for how we reach this goal, but it will build on work that has already been done. This has included:

  • Working with our landlords on energy efficiency improvements, and on installing electric vehicle charging at our offices
  • Initiating a comprehensive program of in office waste management, including composting and recycling
  • Establishing a baseline of emissions from both work-related travel, as well as employee commutes—with a goal of reducing both
  • Donating to local renewable energy projects, including at Title 1 schools, through NC Greenpower. We do this as a means to take responsibility for emissions we cannot yet eliminate.
Much like our work on anti-racism and discrimination, we are very aware we have a long way to go. Yet, also like our work on anti-racism and discrimination, we do not have the luxury of taking our time. As we continue our journey toward reaching Net Zero emissions within the next few years, we will be sharing our journey in the hope that we can bring others along with us for the ride.