Our Purpose

We are changemakers. Society’s status quo is unacceptable and we are called to play a role in improving our communities. As a social enterprise, we believe that business can and should be a powerful force for positive social change.

At Redwoods, all stakeholders matter, of which shareholders are but a subset. Profits are necessary and good, but only as a metric of sustainability. We invest in our employees, providing them with the security that enables them to focus on Serving Others.

We hold ourselves and our stakeholders to a high moral standard. We courageously share data-driven truth, even when it’s inconvenient. Our work—delivered directly, through our customers and through other key partners—catalyzes behavior changes that make our communities safer. Our actions save lives and reduce injuries.

At the core of our model are insuring transactions that generate the data we depend upon to inform our changemaking. Those transactions carry with them a deep obligation to respond swiftly and with empathy—particularly in our customers’ most difficult moments—to help injured families and communities heal.

When we are at our best, we love, serve and transform communities.