As an insurance customer, you’ll be paired with a Redwoods Consultant who is familiar with the needs and exposures of your organization. They will work with you to develop an annual engagement plan. Then they’ll support you in implementing it.

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We Only Insure Organizations Like Yours

The fact that we only serve child-serving organizations means that our consultants—many of whom came to us from organizations like yours—have a deep understanding not just of the exposures you face, but also of what it takes to implement solutions that can actually be sustained. 

Our Collective Impact Scales with Time

The longer we work with a customer, the greater impact we can have together. That’s why our consultants are focused on both short-term wins and longer-term, multi-year improvements—so your engagement plan will carry over and evolve over multiple years. 

Efficiency Through Safety

You can’t control everything, yet losses are closely related to factors you can influence—experience, behavior and commitment to safety. Our consultants will work with you to implement practical, sustainable measures that will keep losses down and protect those in your care. 

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