Redwoods investigates thousands of incidents each year. Then we use what we learn from those incidents to create practical, comprehensive safety resources and tools that are specifically designed for the movements we serve.

Data-Informed Learning

Our trainings and resources are based on the thousands of real-world incidents we investigate every year. By identifying exactly how, where and when harm happens, we are able to develop practical resources that actually address the root causes of that harm. 

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Dedicated Support

Our customers have access to their own learning management system which allows them to assign courses, track usage, and create a staff and volunteer training program that directly meets their unique needs. Assistance is provided by our in-house Institute support team, who coordinate closely with each customer’s assigned consultant. 

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No Additional Cost

The reason we sell insurance is because we use it as an engine to create safe communities for all. That’s why all of our trainings are available to customers at no additional cost. In pursuit of our broader mission, we also make many of our other resources—including a volunteer training—available to all youth-serving customers, regardless of whether they are a customer. 

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