We believe in putting empathy and practicality at the heart of our claims response. When a crisis hits, it’s critical to have people around you who can provide the real-world guidance, as well as the emotional and financial support you need. Having a trusted, expert walk by your side can help you and your community to not only heal, but to also learn and grow as a result.

Immediate Response

Regardless of the severity of an incident, it’s important to report the event immediately. Rapid reporting to our Claims Team means you’ll have an experienced adjuster to help you navigate the crisis and begin the healing process. For severe events, we’ll be on-site and by your side within 48 hours.

Values-Driven Claims Management

We approach every claim with empathy at the forefront. And we begin immediately working towards healing: for the victim; for the family; for the staff; for the community and for your mission.

Crisis Management

Our claims and crisis management experience is unmatched. Since we only focus on YMCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs, camps and Jewish community organizations, our team draws on two decades of incidents, investigations, responses and healing that’s specifically relevant to the movements we serve. Our Crisis Response Team is available 24/7, which means we will help you assess what has happened and respond appropriately. And then we’ll work with you on a path to recovery and healing.

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