About Us

Our work is to Serve Others and our purpose is to transform the communities we work with. We use data gathered through our insuring relationships to identify how social harms happen. We then develop solutions to the root causes of that harm. Together with our customers, we apply our values and our expertise toward creating safe communities for all.

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Values-Driven Business

Our people are led by our corporate values: Caring, Honesty, Driving Change, Creativity, Optimism and Service.

Certified B Corporation

Redwoods is a Certified B Corporation, which means we undergo rigorous assessment and certification of our social, environmental and workplace practices. You can view our current B Corp score on the B Labs website.

Through connection comes strength.

The redwood trees that lend us their name are the largest trees in the world. But size alone is not what makes them mighty. Just as important is how they gain their strength from their instinct to support and protect one another.

Redwood trees are connected through one root system. They use this root system to help each other out. If one tree is hurting, the others will take on less nutrients. If one tree dies, the others grow in its space to protect the grove.

At Redwoods, we are connected to the communities we serve in exactly the same way. If one customer is hurting, we make sure the resources are available to help that customer heal—even if that means taking a little less or giving a little more.

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