Our Approach to Consulting

How can we work together to further your mission?

As a customer, you’ll be paired with a Redwoods Consultant. Your consultant will be your direct contact available to guide your organization through any questions you have.

Consulting at Redwoods is more than the traditional “loss control.” We start with a relationship, getting to know you, your organization and your community.

Consulting Engagement Plan

Your Redwoods Consultant will assist you in prioritizing investments in your organization’s safety and mission. Then they work with you to develop a practical plan for implementing those priorities. These priorities will be translated into a customized Engagement Plan which stays with you and evolves over time to reflect ongoing progress.

This format allows us to make sure we are supporting you as effectively as possible. It also helps to identify both short-term “quick wins” as well as longer term strategic goals.

Want to see a sample engagement plan? Use this form to download an anonymized sample for reference.