The Redwoods Group operates an unconventional business model: One that is designed to use the power of insurance to serve the mission of YMCAs, Jewish Organizations, Boys & Girls Clubs and camps.

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Tailor-Fit Coverage

We’re not trying to fit you into a policy broadly made for another nonprofit. We’re providing tailor-fit coverage for your specific operation. Because of our narrow focus on child-serving organizations, we know your needs. And because of our mission, we won’t compromise on coverage or limits just to get to a lower price.

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Innovative Service

You’re always looking for new ways to serve your changing community. We like that and we are committed to finding ways to support you in your efforts. If you have a new or unconventional program, a special event or travel with board members or volunteers, wherever possible we’ll work with you to get it covered. 

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Mission-Driven Pricing

Our pricing is competitive. But more importantly, it’s sustainable—meaning we seek to maintain long-term stability and predictability. This allows you to focus on your mission, not on insurance market conditions. And it allows us to work together over time to scale our collective impact.

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