Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Anti-Racism in the Workplace Policy

Redwoods is an equal opportunity employer committed not just to diversity and inclusion, but to actively pursuing equity for those who have traditionally been disadvantaged. We take this very seriously and want all of our team members to have the opportunity to thrive. We refer all employees and candidates to the C&F Handbook and our Code of Conduct—which we will share with you during the hiring process—for more information on how our discrimination policies impact the workplace.

We will not stand for the unfair treatment of anyone based on their race, religion, sex, gender expression, sexual identity, or culture. We will stand with ALL to create safe environments. We are against all forms of systemic racism and discrimination and will work tirelessly to change our communities so that all are treated fairly, with dignity and with compassion. We aim to live this out in our work at Redwoods—with our customers, our employees, our stakeholders and our community.

We pledge to advance diversity in recruiting efforts as well as to promote and integrate values of diversity and inclusion within our company. We believe that intention is not enough, unless it is matched by action, and we encourage all employees to speak to their manager or Human Resources if they have any ideas on how we can better move conversations into action. Also, if you are a candidate applying for a job with us, we would encourage you to share ideas and feedback on how the application process has been for you.

Please see our separate anti-racism webpage for a specific list of recent actions and initiatives that have been pursued to advance these principles within our work environment.