Insurance for JCCs and Federations

You serve a special role in your community. Whether it’s classes for toddlers or a community Shabbat dinner, family swim night or a folk dancing class for seniors—you bring people together, share values and change lives. Our insurance is designed to support you in that work. 

Redwoods began working with our first JCC in 2006 and we are still the only mission-aligned insurance carrier serving JCCs, Jewish Federations and Jewish Camps.

See how Redwoods can help you scale your mission.

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“Previously, the only time I ever dealt with my insurance company was when I had a claim. With Redwoods, on the other hand, I have a relationship with a risk consultant throughout the year. Not only do we make a plan for addressing safety issues, but we have regular check-ins throughout the year to assess progress.”

Michael Feinstein, CEO
Bender JCC of Greater Washington

Our work is based on building deep, lasting relationships based on shared values. It’s our goal to establish such prelationships with Jewish community organizations—working together to increase your impact in the communities you serve.

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