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The Redwoods Institute is our flagship offering that provides online courses, many of which were created specifically for organizations like yours. Institute courses are available at no additional cost to Redwoods Customers.

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Danica Co is the Institute Support Coordinator for The Redwoods Institute, our online training platform. Her job is to make sure you have the information you need to take full advantage of online courses on The Redwoods Institute.

Danica Co 
Institute Support Coordinator
Phone Number: 919-462-1311
Email: [email protected]
Favorite Charity: Wildlife Welfare Inc.  
Favorite Customer Programming Area: Youth Development

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Step 2: Request login credentials by emailing Danica at [email protected]

Step 3: Set-up a detailed tour and administrator session with Danica by scheduling a time directly on her calendar

Step 4: Download and view our full Course Catalog. Accessible courses depends on your coverage(s) with us:

  • All Redwoods Customers: Page 1
  • Directors & Officers policy holders: Page 2
  • Workers’ Compensation policy holders: Page 3

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