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The Redwoods Group collects data and insights from thousands of claims each year. Then we take what we’ve learned and create online trainings designed specifically for the community organizations we serve.

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We have a dedicated team of Institute support whose job is to make sure you have the information you need to take full advantage of online courses on The Redwoods Institute.

  1. Navigate to
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  4. Create your account by completing all required fields. Please include your Organization Name and Organization ID.
    • If you are a YMCA, your Organization ID is your YMCA’s Association Number.
    • If you are a Boys & Girls Club, your Organization ID is your Club’s Global ID.
    • If you are a Camp or Jewish Community Center, we will provide your Organization ID.
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Additional Resources

Please Share Widely: Redwoods’ mission is to help create safe communities for all. We encourage you to share these free resources with your colleagues across your movement—it’s only by sharing what we know that we can truly deliver on our mission.