The Anti-Racist Y: Philanthropy Live! 2022

Part 1—The Anti-Racist Y: The Work Ahead

At NAYDO 2021, a virtual session was offered in which a panel of racial equity leaders discussed the powerful role the Y can play in dismantling structural and systemic racism. It was clear during this session that the work will take decades—so it is no surprise that the conversation continues. As the United States braces for another campaign season and the political divisiveness that goes with it, this workshop will explore what the Y’s role is in lifting this conversation above and beyond partisan politics. Left and right, red and blue, rural and urban—each of us has a role to play in righting wrongs and moving our community and America forward. Explore how the Y can make it happen.


  • Dorri McWhorter, President & CEO, YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
  • Eric Mann, President & CEO, YMCA of Florida’s First Coast
  • Farad Ali, Immediate Past CVO, YMCA of the Triangle and President & CEO, Asociar
  • Kevin Bolding, President & CEO, YMCA of Cental Florida
  • Nikki Pardo, Founder, Global Alliance Solutions

Part 2—The Anti-Racist Y: How We Fund the Work 

The Y has a unique role to play in the fight against systemic racism. While others will rightly hold political debates about how and when to address past and current injustice, the Y can and must leverage its position as a trusted, apolitical, and yet deeply values-led movement to engage every community, and every demographic, in the important work of bringing our nation closer together. This is not just a strategic or moral imperative, but a powerful fundraising opportunity. In this session, we will explore how the Y can identify long-term funding and engaged partners to secure funds for this critically important work.


  • Jessica Muroff, CEO, United Way Suncoast
  • Michael DeVaul, National Director of Boys and Young Men of Color, YMCA of the USA
  • Suzanne McCormick, President & CEO, YMCA of the USA
  • Genet Stewart, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Children’s Board of Hillsborough County

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