Benchmark and Protect

Benchmark and Protect is based on an intuitive, 45-minute self-assessment, that allows leadership to measure and control organizational safety practices. Created by Redwoods’ consulting team, and developed in collaboration with several youth-serving organizations, Benchmark and Protect will provide an up-to-date picture of  your organization’s current safety practices at multiple levels:

  • An organizational view will compare safety practices across all locations and departments, ensuring consistent practices happen everywhere
  • A location view will help directors manage safety within their branch
  • A program view will help identify departmental gaps which need to be addressed

The data collected is not shared for insurance purposes and will not have an impact on insurance coverage or pricing. The idea is to create a starting point for meaningful, practical discussions about safety practices—both where an organization is now and where they would like to aim for in the future.

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Benchmark and Protect Introduction

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