Small Talks: Follow-Up Resources

During the BGCA National Conference, we put on a series of short Small Talks at our booth focused on critical topics facing Clubs. Below we have complied follow-up resources to help support your work in workforce development, aquatic safety and transportation safety.

Workforce Development in a Tight Labor Market

Using the lens of Staffing, Safety, Society, we’ll discuss how a tight labor market has the potential to put pressure on Club safety, and how you can use proven hiring, retention and workforce development strategies to protect your Club and continue to deliver on your mission.

Follow-Up Resources:

  • The Impact of Organizational Culture: A positive organizational culture leads to high employee engagement. Read about how you can begin to build your own organization’s culture.
  • The Importance of Impact Hiring: Impact hiring offers employers a new approach to recruitment, hiring and retention. Read about how you can implement an impact hiring strategy at your organization.
  • Building Pipelines and Career Paths: Having an engaged, empowered and inspired team starts with a strong pipeline. Read about how you can build a robust and diversified talent pipeline and develop a career-pathing program to structure how you put your pipeline into practice.
  • Incorporating Performance Management at Your Organization: In order to keep everyone safe who walks through your doors, you need the right staff in the right positions—and you need to set them up for success with a clear sense of what is expected of them and how they will be held accountable. Read about how you can incorporate performance management in your hiring, new employee onboarding and throughout an employee’s employment.

Aquatic Safety During Off-Site Visits

It’s one thing to train lifeguards in your own pool, but what if your aquatic programming is off-site? This talk will focus on practical, robust strategies for ensuring safety at off-site aquatic visits.

Follow-Up Resources:

Transportation Safety & Unsafe Vans

It’s unavoidable that many Clubs need to transport youth. And transportation is a high-risk activity. We’ll look at some of the most common risks in Club transportation, and provide some real-world strategies for avoiding them.

Follow-Up Resources: