Staffing, Safety, Society Podcast

You can’t have safety for all without adequate and engaged staffing. And yet safety for all is exactly what an increasingly distrustful society now expects—just as the labor market is tighter than it has been in decades.

In our new podcast, released every other week, Redwoods’ leadership will be discussing the connections between these themes.

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Staffing, Safety, Society Episodes

Episode One: A Dedication to Duty
After a historic week for the world, Redwoods’ Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Trapani sits down with Paige Bagwell to explore what it means to lead with values and conviction when society’s expectations are shifting. 

Episode Two: Supervision, The Fourth S
After discussing staffing, safety, and society, the next word in this series is also an answer to the challenges presented. Supervision goes beyond just watching. We’ll share some stories about what happens when management is not present and how to provide the best care possible.