Trans Inclusivity as a Path to Safety

Staffing, Safety, Society: Season 2, Episode 4

“Whether you know it or not, you have had trans kids in your camp.” — This powerful statement arose out of our conversation with Chris Rehs-Dupin, in which we explore the inclusion as a prerequisite for safety. As a founder of Transplaining for Camps, Chris is an expert in navigating conversations on inclusivity that too often have become politicized and divisive. He explains the importance of education and discusses the dangers of othering. And he leaves us with practical recommendations for safeguarding the inherent right of every child to feel safe, included, respected, and seen.

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Additional Resources

  • Introduction Video: In this video, Chris discusses the need for trans inclusive spaces, the first steps in creating those spaces, and vital statistics to know.
  • Terms Video: In this video, Chris discusses terms we should all know and erase in order to have a shared language.