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Redwoods investigates hundreds of incidents every year. And we visit organizations offering a wide variety of programming. That provides us with an important perspective on how to keep youth safe. We would love to share those perspectives with you.

From conference keynotes to regional workshops and sessions, we have speakers available—many of whom have a background in youth-serving organizations—and who are ready to explore key topics around safety and mission with your audiences.

Featured Sessions

Below are some of our recent featured sessions, which we can give or adapt for your audiences.

Setting Your Lifeguards Up for Success
Audience: Leadership, Directors

Training helps prepare guards for a rescue. But how many guards think it will never happen to them? We’ll show you how to use live drills, role-playing, simulated emergencies, video footage, and other technologies so that staff can truly visualize their role in an emergency response situation.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
Audience: Board, Leadership

In our complex times, organizations continue to be met with multiple challenges—some familiar, some emerging. From tight labor markets to climate-related extreme weather, and from social inflation to a changing legal landscape, what do these crises mean for organizations as they look at the role they play in society?

Hiring and Safety: An Urgent Call to Action
Audience: Board, Leadership, Directors

Using the lens of ‘Staffing, Safety, and Society,’ we’ll explore why staffing and a tight labor market might be the single most important topic when it comes to safety. And we’ll discuss how you can respond.

Peer-to-Peer Abuse: Not Just ‘Kids Being Kids’
Audience: Directors, Staff

Behaviors that were once dismissed as ‘acting out’ are now rightly recognized as forms of bullying or sexual abuse. This session will explore real-world examples of peer-to-peer abuse, as well as evidence-based strategies for preventing it within your programming.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse at Your Organization
Audience: Board, Directors, Staff

Abuse prevention has to be a priority at every level of your organization. This presentation is informed by abuse claims we have investigated and offers strategies that apply across your organizational culture.

Other Areas Of Expertise

If none of our featured sessions are what you are looking for, below are other areas of our expertise.


  • Realistic in-service trainings
  • Breath holding and hypoxic blackout
  • Test. Mark. Protect.
  • Responding to Medical Events

Abuse Prevention

  • Adult-to-child, and peer-to-peer abuse
  • Responding to legacy abuse
  • Shifting legal landscape and statutes of limitation
Other Topics
  • Transportation safety and 12- and 15-passenger vans
  • Elevation risk
  • Balancing the demands of supervision and mission

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