NAYDO 2021: Resources for YMCAs

As many of you know, Redwoods offers prevention-focused insurance and is on a mission to create safe communities for all. Since its founding in 1997, we’ve become the largest insurer of YMCAs in the country—and we’ve leveraged that position to develop practical tools, resources and services that help your Y’s operate more safely and effectively in pursuit of your mission. From safer pools to abuse prevention, we take lessons from real world claims, and then use those lessons to help your movement grow. And when an incident does occur, we respond with empathy to help you and your community heal.

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Philanthropy Live! 2021: The Anti-Racist Y

Every year at NAYDO, Redwoods is a proud sponsor of Philanthropy Live! This year, however, the event will will look a little different. Specifically, we will be sponsoring two main sessions exploring not just how YMCAs are stepping up to the challenge of systemic racism, but also how to find practical ways to fund that work. We hope you will join us!

The Anti-Racist Y: How Are We Called to Serve: April 15th at 9:15 am Central

The Anti-Racist Y: Funding the Work: April 15th at 10:45 am Central

Safety Resources

The resources below are just a small sample of what we have available on our website. To explore our full range of resources, webinars and online trainings, please visit our Resource Library.