2020 Monthly State of Aquatics


Thank you to everyone who joined our monthly State of Aquatics Zoom calls. We are grateful for your participation and engagement during these calls. Whether you attended one, or all of them, we hope that you learned something new and had a chance to connect with your peers. If you were unable to attend and would like to watch a recording of one of the discussions, they are available below: 

Past Recordings: 

November 2020 | Chat Transcript

October 2020 | Chat Transcript

September 2020 | Chat Transcript

The Importance of Lifeguard Placement

Defining the Area of Responsibility and How to Assess it

Interview with Summit Area YMCA’s Leadership

Identifying Invisible Sections of the Pool

Assessing Lifeguard Positions: Learnings from the Summit Area YMCA

Lifeguard Placement Maps: Learnings from the Summit Area YMCA

August 2020 | Chat Transcript

July 2020 | Chat Transcript