Camp Staff or Volunteer Child Abuse Prevention Code of Conduct

A Staff Code of Conduct is a great prevention tool against child abuse. Not only does it set clear expectations for staff, but it also builds buy-in, understanding, and ownership across camp culture of the fact that high-risk behaviors will not be tolerated.

A Staff Code of Conduct might include expectations regarding:

  1. Supervision: Maintaining ratios; avoiding alone time; being actively engaged; managing vulnerable times or locations — such as restrooms or cabins
  2. Discipline: What forms of discipline or rule enforcement are and are not permitted
  3. Communication: A commitment to maintain open, respectful communication, both with other staff and campers
  4. Interpersonal Relationships: Rules on how to handle relationships between staff members, and a firm commitment to never engage in intimate or romantic relationships with campers, regardless of their age

Download the sample code of conduct above and adapt it to meet each camp’s needs.