CEO to CEO Conversation (June 2020)


Every single one of you has been tested in the past few months. The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns have forced us all to operate differently, and to show up in different ways for our communities. In too many cases, it has also created unprecedented financial challenges for organizations. And now many of you are looking to reopen, even as your communities grapple once again with the topic of racism, police violence and social unrest.

We have sent you many communications recently regarding our position on reopening, reopening guidance and upcoming coverage changes. We also know that you have received communications from many others, such as the CDC, World Health Organization and your national associations.

We hosted a CEO to CEO conversation on Zoom with Kevin Trapani, our Co-Founder, President and CEO to provide CEOs an opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences and offer their thoughts on how we can better support you in trying times.