Creating a Safety Mindset at Your Organization

We have developed guidance and practical steps for you to implement each of the ten areas of focus when creating an effective Safety & Wellness Program at your organization. The following guidance correlates to focus area number three: Safety Mindset.

What is a safety mindset?

A safety mindset requires an organization to instill a culture of safety among all employees. This means not only creating policies, but making sure your practices meet your policies every single time.

We want all employees to embrace safety in a true sense of keeping ourselves and others safe at all times. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

There are four basic elements to support a safety mindset at your organization:

  1. Leadership Commitment and Employee Involvement. Leadership leads the way by setting policy, assigning and supporting responsibility, setting an example and involving employees. Set an example. Others look to you for direction; they also look at your behavior, ethics and standards. If you want others in your organization to make safety a priority, you must set an example for them to follow.
  2. Workplace Analysis. The workplace is continually analyzed to identify all existing and potential hazards. Walk around and talk to your staff. Leaders of today interact more with their staff than ever before. They manage by walking around and getting to know their employees, and learning about the risks and problems they’re facing on a daily basis.
  3. Hazard Prevention and Control. Create methods to prevent or control existing or potential hazards. One example may be maintaining and inspecting your exit doors. Read our checklist for inspecting your exit doors to ensure a safe evacuation.
  4. Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers. Managers, supervisors and employees need to be trained to understand and deal with workplace hazards and injuries. We have created a simple training model for you to implement at your organization.

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