Creating an Action Plan

We have developed guidance and practical steps for you to implement each of the ten areas of focus when creating an effective Safety & Wellness Program at your organization. The following guidance correlates to focus area number seven: Creating an Action Plan & Setting Clear Expectations.

Creating a safe workplace environment for your employees—and ultimately your guests—starts with researching the safety vulnerabilities of your organization. Once those safety vulnerabilities have been identified, you can then document how you plan to make improvements regarding safety. The best way to keep track of these improvements is to develop an action plan. Your action plan will serve as a working document that tracks the changes that need to be made in the organization, action items to keep the plan moving, who is responsible for each action item and a detailed timeline.

Components of an Action Plan

  • An action plan has a list of major changes or improvements to make your safety and health program effective. Each item should be prioritized, have a target date for completion and identify who is responsible for implementation.
  • An action plan has a specific plan to implement each major change or improvement. This includes: detailed action items, who will be assigned to each action item (can be assigned to a location, department or employee) and a schedule for completion.

Note: An action plan is a document that will constantly be updated to correspond with changes in the workplace.

After an action plan has been laid out, it is important to communicate the action plan to your entire organization and to set clear expectations for each department and its employees. When staff feel involved and receive constant communication, they will be more invested in the work that is being done. In order for employees to be successful and meet your expectations, it is important to remove any barriers that may get in the way of their success. Ask your staff what issues they’re encountering and how you can best support them. Once all barriers have been removed, giving both positive and constructive feedback to employees will help to hold them accountable, and in turn, make continuous progress in completing the items on your action plan.