Poster to Communicate Abuse Prevention Rules

These posters were developed for your organization to use to send a signal to staff, volunteers, kids, parents and the wider community that you’re committed to a culture where boundaries are respected. Each poster explains the four rules that staff and volunteers must follow when working with youth:

  1. No Inappropriate Touch or Language: Use only appropriate language and appropriate touch. In addition to verbal encouragement, this can include high fives, side-hugs and handshakes.
  2. No Alone Time: Make sure all conversations are observable and interruptible.
  3. No Favoritism: Treat every single child with the respect and attention they deserve.
  4. No Outside Contact Between Children and Staff: Keep all interactions professional and transparent. Use official channels for communication.

Please click on the image below to download the poster:

General Poster

YMCA Poster 

ASYMCA Poster 

BGC Poster