In-Service Training: Singularly Focused Lifeguards

As you plan your in-service trainings, we encourage you to incorporate skill-based training into each session. Creating trainings that are realistic and conducted in real-time helps prepare lifeguards to know what to expect—and how they might feel—if an aquatic event were to happen. That’s why, throughout the Not On My Watch series, we’ll incorporate an inservice topic of the week with an example of a scenario you can use to train your staff.

Topic: Singularly Focused Lifeguards

It is extremely important that all lifeguards are staying singularly focused and not being distracted by personal or secondary activities. For example, this includes texting, talking on a cell phone, reading, eating, conversing unnecessarily, moving lane lines, conducting water quality checks or cleaning up the deck while on scanning duty. This is especially true while lifeguards are rotating—using it as a time to aggressively scan their new area of responsibility.

Below we have created a scenario that you can use with your staff during rotations. Please feel free to print this off and use during your in-service training.

It is the weekend, and your pool seems to be extra busy today. As always, you and the other lifeguards rotate positions every 20 minutes. The rotations begin, and after the incoming guard has aggressively scanned your area of responsibility, you get off the stand and begin investigating out. Midway through you scanning the area of responsibility that you are leaving, a member that you know very well interrupts you and begins asking you questions about your weekend plans. 

  • Have the lifeguard practice what their response will be to this member
  • Have the lifeguard practice how they will reinforce the importance of them staying singularly focused while rotating positions
  • Have the lifeguard practice a complete rotation