Insurance 101 for Clubs: Navigating the Insurance-Purchasing Process

Insurance is one of the largest budget line items for Clubs. Given the money you are spending, it’s important that you know the right questions to ask your broker and are able to advocate for yourself in order to get the best coverage and services for your Club.

Below, we have compiled definitions and questions that we hope will help you effectively and confidently navigate the insurance-purchasing process.

What are the coverages that most Clubs look for? 

  • General Liability: Protects your Club from third-party claims of injury or damage that occurred in the course of you doing business
  • Property: Protects your buildings, and the contents within them, from things like fire, damage, vandalism or theft
  • Auto: Protects your auto related liability exposures and vehicles in the event of an accident or theft
  • Workers’ Compensation: Protects your employees in the event that they are injured during their course of employment
  • Directors & Officers/EPLI: Protects your Club in the event that there are any employment-related claims or lawsuits brought against your Directors & Officers

What is the role of the broker and carrier?

Role of the Broker Role of the Carrier
The broker’s role is to advise your Club on the different insurance options. They will do this by completing an assessment of your exposures, determining the coverages/limits that you have and need, and doing a market analysis on your behalf to find different options. The insurance carrier’s role is to be your financial risk bearer. They are also the one that will handle any claims that you may incur, works with the Broker to provide an insurance quote, and has access to data that can help assist you in implementing your risk management practices.

What services should you expect from your broker and carrier?

  • Your broker should be an extension of your leadership team.
  • Your broker should not only help you place your risk, but also help you control it. Therefore, they will often help advise on different risk management tactics and strategies and assist in implementing your risk management program.
  • You broker should have extensive knowledge of carriers that adequately serve Clubs and deeply understand the risks/exposures of a youth-serving organization.
  • Your broker should assist in helping you make an informed decision about your insurance.
  • Your broker should communicate with you year-round, not just at time of renewal.
  • Your carrier should build a relationship with you and be a thought partner.
  • Your carrier should be familiar with your market and your unique needs/characteristics.
  • Your carrier should have knowledge of the social, legal and insurance dynamics that affect you.

What questions should you ask throughout the insurance-purchasing process? 


  • What experience do you have working with Clubs and other youth-serving organizations?
  • How do you build a relationship with your insureds?
  • How often do you communicate with your insureds?
  • What services do you provide?
  • Do you understand the BGCA insurance requirements?
  • What insurance carriers are you approaching?
  • Are you available to physically inspect our Club locations and provide safety recommendations?
  • Are you able to review contracts on our behalf and make recommendations alongside our legal counsel?
  • Are you able to provide our leadership with a deep understanding of the differences in the insurance options you are presenting?
    • Where do the coverages differ?
    • Where do the limits differ?
    • Where do the services differ?
    • What are your biggest concerns about each option?


  • What experience do you have working with Clubs and other youth-serving organizations?
  • Are you a preferred and/or approved carrier by BGCA?
  • Do you have extensive, accessible, practical safety & operational resources?
  • Do you have relevant and mission-consistent claims handling practices?
  • Do you offer adequate coverage terms and limits?
  • Do you offer reasonable and consistent pricing? Is that pricing competitive with others?
  • How do you build a relationship with your insureds?
  • What services can our Club expect from you?
  • What makes your coverages and services different from your competitors?
  • What is your long-term commitment to youth-serving organizations?