The Professional Lifeguard Online Training: Overview & Discussion Questions


In April 2023, we announced our new training: The Professional Lifeguard. This training is meant to be used after your guards have received their certification. It will teach the reality of their role and better prepare them to respond to an emergency. They will learn the core expectations of a guard on scanning duty and be able to execute the five most important attributes of a confident, prepared and professional lifeguard. The five attributes of a professional lifeguard that are covered are:

  1. Rescue Ready
  2. Positioned to Protect
  3. Singularly Focused
  4. Aggressively Scanning
  5. Empowered to Protect

Discussion Questions for Staff Training
After your lifeguards complete this training, it is critical that these messages are continually reinforced to build a strong culture of safety. To assist you and your teams, we have created a resource with discussion questions. We encourage you to use them as you train your lifeguards this summer and throughout the year. 

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