Team Talk: No Shortcuts

About Team Talk 
Team Talks are intended to provide ready-to-use guidance for facilitated safety discussions on key employee safety topics. Whether you use this copy as an exact script, or as a set of talking points for creating your own talk, is up to you. We hope it provides a useful starting point for discussion. Click the download button above to download a designed PDF with space for notes.

Shortcuts can cut lives short. That’s why it’s important to follow protocol each and every time. You might think, “I’m running behind schedule, if I just cut this corner I’ll be back on track.” But it’s when you are stressed out, distracted and under pressure that accidents are most likely to happen. No matter the rationalization for the safety shortcut, not following proper procedures can have disastrous results.

Here are just some of the common shortcuts that we need to take care to avoid:

Respect Barriers
When you are indoors, be sure you do not step over any baby gates, turnstiles or any other restraints. Also, be sure walk around areas cordoned off because of an irregular or wet surface.

Follow Stair Safety
Think about your day and how many times you take short cuts. Raise your hand if you have ever:

  • Used a staircase and skipped steps
  • Used a staircase and not held on to the handrail

These shortcuts may not seem like a big deal, but they can lead to injury and even death.

Avoid Hazardous Areas
Parking lots are not thoroughfares. Wherever possible, use a sidewalk or an alternate route if you’re passing through on foot.

You should always choose the safest route, which includes stepping on all the stairs and using the handrails and following designated pathways. It is also important to avoid potential trip hazards along the designated pathway and choose routes that are adequately illuminated.

True or False?

Are you ready to take a quick true or false quiz on avoiding shortcuts?

It’s ok to step over a baby gate as long as you are not holding a baby.

You should use the handrails and step on all the stairs on the stairway.

If the floor is slippery and the route is shorter, you can just walk slowly to save time.