Training Topics for After-School Programming

In order to run an effective after-school program, it is important that all staff are adequately trained. This includes not just during onboarding training, but frequently throughout the season. We recommend a particular focus on:

  • Reviewing and signing a code of conduct and relevant policies
  • Setting clear expectations for sign-in and sign-out procedures, including keeping youth occupied during transition times
  • Bathroom supervision protocols, especially as they relate to preventing peer-to-peer abuse
  • Bullying prevention and conflict resolution, including an emphasis on discussing how bullying can escalate to abuse
  • Identifying and responding to red flag behaviors, both in staff to youth interactions, and peer-to-peer interactions also

Below is a list of our training courses and short training activities that you can use during your staff meetings:

Peer-to-Peer Abuse Prevention 
  • The Redwoods Institute: Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp & Facilitator Guide *
  • Training & Facilitator Guide: Use with your staff in order to teach effective prevention and response strategies.
  • Short Activity: Use at your next staff meeting to help educate and empower staff to prevent bullying and peer-to-peer abuse.
Abuse Prevention
  • The Redwoods Institute: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention & Discussion Questions *
  • Code of Conduct Flashcards: Use at your next staff meeting to discuss their understanding of child protection “non-negotiables” and how they apply in their daily context.
  • Scenarios: Use at your next staff meeting to discuss different situations staff may find themselves in when working with youth.
  • Short Activity: Use at your next staff meeting as a quick refresher to review your abuse prevention protocols.
Bullying Prevention 
  • The Redwoods Institute: Bullying Prevention at Camp & Facilitator Guide *
  • Scenarios: Use at your next staff meeting to help them identify when a situation is considered bullying, and when it is considered normal peer-to-peer conflict.
Engaged Supervision
  • The Redwoods Institute: School-Aged Childcare Safety *
  • Team Talk: Use at your next staff meeting to facilitate a discussion around how staff can make sure that all youth are supervised at all times.
  • Short Activity: Use at your next staff meeting to encourage fast-thinking, improvised strategies for keeping youth engaged and entertained during programming, transition times or unsupervised times.

* Please note that The Redwoods Institute is only available to our insurance customers.