Aquatic Safety Quick Check

It is critical for leadership to schedule regular walkthroughs on the pool deck to identify gaps and to hold staff accountable. You can download our Aquatics Safety Quick Check above as an easy guide on what to check when walking through your program. Please feel free to adapt this to fit your organization’s needs. 

Aquatic Quick Check Card FAQ

  • What is the purpose of the Aquatics Quick Check card?
    Identify that foundational aquatic practices are happening at all times and quickly address any gaps to prevent them from escalating into a serious incident.
  • Who should complete an Aquatics Quick Check?
    Anyone at your organization can complete these cards to hold your aquatics programming accountable. Leadership, aquatics staff and guests should all have access to these cards.
  • How often should we complete these Quick Checks?
    We recommend aquatics director to complete these quick checks daily, but at different times of the day. For organizational leadership, this is a great opportunity to be present and interact with staff more often. As for guests, have these cards available for them to complete whenever they are on the pool deck.
  • What should we do if someone checks “No” on the card?
    Leadership will want to address this immediately, in the moment. If there are repeated patterns, it should be addressed and reinforced at a staff meeting or at an in-service training.