Camp in an Age of Wildfire

As the climate warms, wildfires are getting both more frequent and severe. For camps in wildfire exposed regions, this is an existential threat. It is essential that you understand how to prevent wildfire damage to your property, protect your people and engage with first responders and your community to bolster resiliency. Crucially, it is also important to look at innovative ways to navigate a tightening insurance market in which many carriers are simply walking away from wildfire exposure.

You will hear from Kevin Trapani, Co-Founder and CEO, and Jason Grissom, Consulting Technical Director, as they discuss:

  • How you can work with your broker and insurance carrier to navigate a tightening insurance market.
  • How to manage your camp property to mitigate exposure.
  • The meaning and application of concepts such as defensible zones, as well as tools such as Barricade Gel.
  • How to develop a plan for prevention and response in the event of a wildfire.