General Liability Waivers in Spanish

We strongly encourage every organization to implement a robust system of waivers. Waivers help stakeholders to understand the risks that they are agreeing to assume when participating in your programming. They also better protect your organization in the event of a lawsuit.

Waivers are not a fix-all solution to liability or risk, but they are a very important and useful risk management tool and can be very impactful in the defense of a claim. As the world changes, we expect waivers to become a regular risk management practice for a much broader range of industries. Therefore, we want to make sure that our customers are using waivers effectively to help share the responsibility for managing and mitigating risk.

Included in this waiver is also specific COVID-19 language. During this time, it will be crucial to communicate to members and visitors alike that the COVID-19 crisis is on-going, and that they and their kids are participating in activities at their own risk. That means taking extra care to ensure that all participants sign a comprehensive waiver that covers risks such as COVID-19.

Download our sample waivers in Spanish: