Expanding The Redwoods Institute FAQ

Expanding The Redwoods Institute
Summer 2023

The Redwoods Group offers online training to our insurance customers via our Learning Management System, Cornerstone OnDemand. On this system, our customers are able to assign, complete, and track an unlimited number of online trainings to an unlimited number of staff. In 2023, this system will change.

What is happening?
On June 30, 2023, The Redwoods Institute will transition away from our current Learning Management System, Cornerstone OnDemand, and move to a new platform.

Through June 30, 2023, all Redwoods insurance customers will continue to have access to Cornerstone as it exists today. Your access, content, and features will not change now.

Why is The Redwoods Institute switching platforms?
Redwoods exists to create safe communities for all. In order to do that, we want as many people as possible to have access to important safety trainings and resources. Just as we make all of our safety resources and webinars available to all, our online trainings will also be available to all.

This move will allow The Redwoods Institute to be available to all organizations and all people, regardless of your insurance relationship with us.

The goals of The Redwoods Institute are:

  • Remove Barriers: Many organizations have requested our training files to be used on other Learning Management Systems. This would reduces the need for multiple logins, or visiting different sites for different trainings. We think organizations are better served by hosting our trainings on their systems.
  • Increase Access: On our new platform, we are able to provide access to anyone who would like to take our trainings—regardless of whether they are a customer of ours or not—at no cost. Free and unlimited training will allow organizations that previously could not afford training, to now have access.
  • Engage Learners: And finally, this will allow us to focus on new training development and updates. We plan to more frequently refresh and update existing trainings, as well as developing entirely new trainings moving forward.

What are my online training options after 7/1/2023?

1. Our New LMS
For small/medium sized organizations, this option will work best. Trainings will be freely available to all staff and volunteers. Staff can upload certificates into your HRIS / HCM or email certificates to supervisors.

2. Your LMS
For large organizations, this option will work best. We will share original SCORM 1.2 published files (.zip format) to be uploaded into your Learning Management System. These files require an LMS. You can build an LMS for free, you can purchase an LMS, or you can add an LMS to your current systems (e.g. HCM).

3. National LMS
We’re working with national movements to upload files to their LMS:

  • American Camp Association is hosting all Redwoods trainings on the ACA Learning Center
  • YUSA is hosting our trainings on their learning platform, LCDC
  • BGCA is hosting our trainings on their learning platform, Spillett Leadership University

What courses will be available on the new platform?
The new platform will host all Redwoods-created trainings. Download our course list for a complete list of those trainings.

What features will be available on the new platform?
All users will be able to register, complete trainings, and print/download a certificate. Redwoods customers will be able to request reports to track staff training completions.

How can I run completion reports on the new platform?
Reporting will be available to Redwoods customers. You and your staff must register with an Organization ID in order for us to run reports for your organization. Redwoods customer Organization IDs are as follows:

  • YMCAs: Y Association Number
  • Boys & Girls Clubs: Global ID
  • Camps and Jewish Community Centers: Please reach out to us for your Organization ID

When will the new platform be available?
The new platform is currently available to all at learning.redwoodsgroup.com. If you are a Redwoods insurance customer, you can decide when you want to make the transition. You and your staff can create an account on the new system at any time. We encourage you to view the new platform as soon as you can, so you can decide if it meets your organization’s needs.

Will our existing course completion records remain available after 7/1/2023?
For those customers that use the current reporting capabilities, we understand that course completion records are important to you. Administrators will have until June 30, 2023 to run reports of all available course completion records. The Redwoods Institute support team will also be available to assist with running reports as needed. Records will no longer be accessible after June 30, 2023 so we recommend running reports as early as possible to make sure you have what you need.

Will username/login transfer onto the new system?
Existing usernames and login details will not transfer from the existing platform on Cornerstone OnDemand. Users will need to create a new login at learning.redwoodsgroup.com in order to access these trainings.

Who can I contact if I need support with the new system?
If you’re a Redwoods customer and need support transitioning to the new system, you can contact your consultant, or email institute@redwoodsgroup.com directly.

All other organizations can email institute@redwoodsgroup.com.

How do I obtain my own Learning Management System?
There are many different options for an LMS. You can build an LMS for free, you can purchase an LMS, or you can add an LMS to your current systems (e.g. HCM).

If you would like support to think through your options, please contact our Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Dauchert, at SDauchert@redwoodsgroup.com.

We have many customers who have recently purchased their own LMS, so we can facilitate these connections.