Facility Security Quick Checklist

Use this checklist to review the security of all owned facilities and off-site programming facilities. Answer each question yes or no. If any questions are answered no, take the appropriate actions to improve security.

  • There is no evidence of graffiti on or around the facility
  • There are no signs of broken windows on the property
  • There is more than one entrance/exit to the building
  • Visitors are greeted on site immediately upon entering facility
  • Visitors are required to sign in/out upon entry/exit of the facility
  • Signs are posted on doors to the facility concerning visits/trespassing
  • All doors are locked/secured around the facility
  • All staff is required to wear name badges
  • Verify the facility’s policies after the hours of your programming:
    • All doors remain locked
    • School/church staff are present when building is open
    • Everyone is identifiable (name tags/badges)
    • All emergency procedures and contacts are known