Hurricane Season is Here. Are You Prepared?

Hurricane season is here. We all know the drill, but we would like to remind you of a hurricane’s potential and the risks it could pose to health and property. To that end:

  • Once a hurricane watch or warning has been issued, please do not attempt to trim trees and/or shrubs. Trash pickup will likely be suspended and your trash can become dangerous in the storm’s high winds.
  • Look at roof scuppers, drain pipes and property drains to be sure that they’re clear and will allow water to drain properly. Clean all gutters.
  • All temporary awnings and shelters should be secured or removed.
  • Secure rooftop equipment such as exhaust fans, wind turbines, antennas, heating, air-conditioning, and satellite equipment. When reasonable, remove antennas and satellite equipment from the roof.
  • Lightweight objects such as tables, signs, chairs, benches, plants and trash cans should be secured or moved to the interior of buildings.
  • Move vehicles to higher ground.
  • Relocate valuable items, electronics and files by taking them off the floors of below-grade facilities or any area that is prone to flood. Any area that is downslope of a hillside can collect water and may flood.
  • Isolate or remove any chemicals that may act violently with one another or with water.
  • Move all cash, checks and important company records to a secure location.
  • Move merchandise, equipment and furniture from nearby windows and skylights to protect them from water damage.
  • Prior to the storm, take photographs of vulnerable, critical and heavy equipment. If possible, wrap them in plastic to minimize damage. Take photos or video of the building exterior and interior.
  • Turn off all electricity to Underground Storage Tank Systems, including power to dispensers, pumps, turbines, automatic tank gauging consoles, and lighting.
  • Filling tanks can help weigh them down and prevent them from floating out of the ground.
  • Maintain records from tank gauge and monitoring systems to compare with results after the storm.
  • Secure all openings on top of the tank and make sure fill caps are in good condition, fastened in place and locked. Make sure all fill caps seal properly.
  • If you have an emergency generator, make sure it’s in good working condition. Install sump pumps with backup batteries.
  • Cover glass doors and windows with protective material. Turn off all the utilities. Secure any building doors and place sandbags around them and any ground level windows. Car wash doors can be left open with a 6 inch gap to let water flow through.
  • Dust off those phone trees and check to be sure the phone numbers and email addresses are correct.

Please let us know if you have damage or require assistance.

Please be safe and know that we all are hopeful that you’ll sustain hurricane season without any serious damage or injuries.