Initial Considerations When Creating a Safety & Wellness Program

We have developed guidance and practical steps for you to implement each of the ten areas of focus when creating an effective Safety & Wellness Program at your organization. The following guidance correlates to focus area number one: Safety & Wellness Plan: Initial Considerations.

Health and wellness programs are an essential component of maintaining a safe, healthy and inclusive workplace. Implementing these programs takes careful planning and consistent execution. The following checklist includes initial considerations to ensure that your health and wellness programs are well-thought- out and inclusive of all levels of your organization.

  • Does your health and wellness program include both general safety and health elements, as well as site- or program-specific hazards faced by your teams?
  • Is one person clearly responsible for the safety and health program?
  • Do you have a safety committee or group, and does it include members from all levels of employment?
  • Does your safety committee meet regularly to plan activities, and report on its activities in writing?
  • Do you have a procedure to handle in-house employee complaints regarding safety and health?
  • Do you publicize the efforts and accomplishments of the safety and health program to your workforce?
  • Have you considered incentives for employees or work groups who excel in reducing workplace injury and illnesses?

The overall health of your organization is a direct reflection of the well-being of the individuals who work there. Make sure that you are implementing a comprehensive health and wellness program that will promote an active, engaged culture of safety and health, and help to prevent workplace incidents and injuries.

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