Lifeguard Code of Conduct

This Lifeguard Code of Conduct is for organizations to adapt to their branding and can be used with your lifeguards to help enforce the policies and procedures you have in place. Please feel free to adapt this resource to accurately reflect both your brand and your policies and procedures.

Download the template above.

I Will Be Rescue Ready
I will be rescue ready at all times. I will be in my uniform holding a rescue tube with its strap across my chest, wearing sun protection and sunglasses (if outside) and carrying a whistle, a pocket mask and gloves. I will attend all required in-service training, and practice my skills frequently so that I am ready and confident to protect the people in the water and to render aid when necessary.

I Will Be Positioned to Protect
I will always be positioned to protect my entire zone of responsibility. I will be in an elevated chair or platform, or I will be standing or patrolling at the edge of the pool so that I can see all parts of my zone, including the bottom of the pool. If I can’t see any area because of glare or obstruction, I will move my position to be able to see it. Before I take my position, and after I am relieved, I will do a thorough check of my zone making sure the bottom of the pool is clear.

I Will Be Singularly Focused
I will be singularly focused. I will never be distracted by personal or secondary activities. This includes texting, talking on a cell phone, reading, eating, conversing unnecessarily, moving lane lines, conducting water quality checks or cleaning up the deck while on scanning duty. I will not bring any personal items other than water and sun protection with me while on duty.

I Will Be Aggressively Scanning
I will aggressively scan my entire zone of responsibility. I will be constantly vigilant to all patrons and to all activity on and below the water’s surface, on the pool bottom and on the pool deck.

I Will Protect Everyone On My Watch
I will consistently enforce the non-swimmer protection rules. I will identify any children that are marked as non-swimmers or have not yet been marked, and make sure they are in shallow water and are protected. I will speak up and take corrective action if I see swimmers, even experienced swimmers, breaking rules or engaging in risky behavior. If my warnings are not heeded, I will notify a manager or other senior member of staff.

I Will Clear The Pool If I Can’t Follow The Code
Finally, I understand that if, for any reason, I can’t fulfill the terms laid out in this code, or if I feel the pool is unsafe, I will blow my whistle and clear the pool until the problem is corrected. I also understand that if I fail to meet the terms of this promise, I will be removed from duty and disciplined. This may include termination of my employment.