Market Update & Pricing (2020)



As the insurance market continues to change rapidly, we will discuss how these changes are dramatically impacting rate, coverage terms and—in some cases—the appetite of carriers to even serve this micro-market at all. Kevin Trapani, Co-Founder and CEO and Jennifer Trapani, Co-Founder and Chief Underwriting Officer will discuss:

  • What we learned during the crucial year-end renewal season about the conditions in our micro-market, and what it means for the balance of the year.
  • Redwoods’ end-of-year results and our forecast for pricing, coverage and services for the remainder of 2020.
  • A senior leadership change at Redwoods and an exciting new consulting resource for aquatic safety. 

We believe that it is in everyone’s best interests for us to be as transparent as we can be about the remarkable conditions we are seeing. We are committed to putting the best interests of our customers at the heart of our decision-making. We also want to assure you that even as some carriers exit the market, we will remain true to our founding principles. In other words, we are here. For good.