Peer-to-Peer Abuse Short Activity: The Magic Orb

We are seeing a noticeable increase in bullying and peer-to-peer abuse. With this in mind, we are calling on all of us to make bullying and peer-to-peer abuse prevention a major priority. Below we have prepared a short activity for you to use at your next staff meeting to help educate and empower staff to prevent bullying and peer-to-peer abuse.

Please feel free to download this above and print it off.

The Magic Orb [Pencil/Shoe/Whistle]

Time: 10+ minutes


  1. Pick an object—any object. Tell the group that the holder of this object has the power to change their entire reality. Explain to them that peer-to-peer abuse is happening, and is a growing threat at camps and youth-serving organizations around the country.
  2. Pass the object from one staff member to the other—and ask each person to name one thing about their job, themselves, your camp, or reality itself that they would change to make peer-to-peer abuse less likely, or to make supervision easier and more effective. Emphasize that it can be as outlandish as possible.
  3. Take notes of the ‘ideal’ changes that are identified as you move around the room.
  4. Facilitate a discussion on the list of ‘ideal’ changes that you noted. Some sample questions are below:
    • Which changes could you enact now at our organization?
    • Which changes are impossible?
    • For each impossible change, why would they be good? And what can you do that moves you in the right direction?