Peer-to-Peer Abuse Prevention Train-the-Trainer

Preventing peer-to-peer abuse is an organization-wide effort. It requires you to be ready to have difficult conversations, and it requires staff to actively engage with program participants, be vigilant for any red flag behaviors and to model positive relationships. On June 8th, 2021, we hosted a train-the-trainer where we walked through a peer-to-peer abuse training for you to use with your staff.

We have broken up the recording in to three segments:

As you implement this with your staff, we encourage you to download the slide deck and facilitator’s guide below:

Training Your Team to Prevent Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse

In this segment, we walk the trainer through why peer-to-peer abuse is a threat to youth-serving organizations and how they can talk about peer-to-peer abuse with their staff. 

Preventing Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse at Your Organization

In this segment, we present a peer-to-peer abuse training that you can use with your staff in order to teach effective prevention and response strategies.

Webinar Q&A

In this segment, we walk through how this training can be used with staff and some common questions you may have.