Tripping Programs: Abuse Prevention Checklists


Tripping or out-trip programs are very common at camps and other youth-serving organizations. They provide campers the opportunity to have new experiences and adventures outside of the organization’s main support facility/services.

While these trips may vary in purpose, duration, location or mode of travel, it is important that special safety and abuse prevention considerations are put into place as the amount of control your organization will have over the environment, culture, etc. can vary considerably while off-site. Some examples of this include:

  • Providing specialized training for staff on these types of trips
  • Ensuring adequate supervision is put in place for all participants
  • Identifying staff that are responsible, have mature decision-making skills, and who are experienced in the type of trip program

Download our comprehensive sample checklist for leadership and staff below.

Please feel free to adapt these checklists to accurately reflect both your brand and your policies and procedures.