Unstaffed 24 Hour Facilities: Questions to Consider

If your organization is considering opening up your facility 24/7, please read our guidance on Unstaffed 24 Hour Facility Access.

Having taken that guidance into account, if your organization is still considering providing 24/7 access, below are some questions to consider first:

  1. Will the facility be open 24/7 for operation? If not, how many hours of planned operation will there be?
  2. Will it be staffed?
  3. Who are you serving in the community with this option?
  4. How do you see this option meeting the mission of the organization?
  5. What activities will the person have access to at the facility?
    • Weight room, fitness room, cardio room, locker room, gym, pool, etc.
  6. How will you restrict access to only the members?
  7. Can you identify that only the member is using the facility?
  8. If there is damage to the facility, can you identify who was in the facility in the overnight hours?
  9. How will you monitor the number of members being served?
  10. Will all members sign waivers, and have you modified your waiver to address this exposure?
  11. Will you have staff randomly monitor the facility during the overnight hours?
  12. Are all areas monitored by cameras, including outside entrance and interior areas in the facility?
  13. Are rules for the use of the facility clearly defined and prominently posted?
  14. Are there emergency buttons/notification systems— to a central station—available for the members to use in the event of an emergency?
  15. Do you have protocols established for responding to emergencies?
  16. Will there be times when only one person is in the facility?
  17. If someone is alone in the facility, how will they get assistance?
  18. Is there a Code of Conduct for members to agree to before they can have access to a 24-hour unstaffed facility?
  19. If you have a residence facility, do you restrict access to the fitness area portion of the facility by residents? Are residents able to come and go from the facilities?
  20. Is security provided for the residence portion of building for all hours?