You Tell The Story: Group Scenario Safety Exercises

Too often, when we investigate an incident, we hear from leadership and staff alike that they knew the risks of an incident occurring in theory. They just didn’t really believe that it could happen on their watch.

The You Tell the Story (YTS) group training exercise was designed to create a mindset shift in participants—moving the discussion from theoretical knowledge of what someone should do if an incident occurs, to a practical imagining of how an incident might occur, and what mistakes or failures to follow protocol might make such an incident possible.

Download the materials below to complete this training exercise with your staff.

Please Note: These card decks are an experiment in storytelling. And they are intended to be iterative. We would love to hear feedback from you as you use this resource, so that we can continue to explore new ways to create safe communities for all.

Facilitator’s Guide

Download our facilitator’s guide for step-by-step instructions on how to implement these scenarios at your next staff training.


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Aquatic Safety

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention