Short Video: Lifeguard Roaming & Rotations


In this short video, Lauren Kennedy—one of our Consultants—chats with us about how to effectively implement roaming lifeguards on your pool deck and how to make sure your lifeguard rotations don’t result in loss of focus and attention.

Discussion Questions
Based on the information shared in this video, below are some discussion questions that can be used to facilitate a conversation with your staff about this topic:

  • What were your key learnings?
  • How does this information apply to you in your role?
  • How should our organization’s protocols and practices be updated and then incorporated into new-hire training and ongoing in-service training?
  • What’s the best way to ensure that all lifeguards are roaming and performing rotations properly and consistently?
  • How can our organization get buy-in from all lifeguards to embrace changes and hold each other accountable?

Additional Resources